Hatching eggs to POL poultry for sale.

I breed pure breed poultry which are of good quality from European blood lines. All my birds are wormed and lice free. 

Starting price for poultry is from €5

hatching eggs start from €1 each. 

Incubation service available.

I offer a incubation service of eggs from the customer or I can source eggs my self of the customers choice. I charge €1 an egg which is put in the incubator. Fertility is not guaranteed, updates when required. I care for the chicks till 3 days old then ready to go home. Boarding of the chicks are available up to 8 weeks old starting from €10 a week up to 12 chicks.

Jazz-a-belle poultry

Hatching eggs to pol poultry for sale In Ireland

🐓 Breeds we have are the following 

**Large Fowl**

      Speckled Sussex

      Buff Orpington.




**Bantam** Pekin's**



Ducks.     Indian Runners


hatching eggs of pekins are x12 for €10. postage available.

lemon millifluer sablepoot hatching eggs are €1.50 each.

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Contact email :- Phone no. 0874217407

viewing is by appointment only.

open 7 days a week from 9:30am - 6pm.